Final Instructions for Saturday 30th March 2019 Race Meeting.

Please take particular heed of information regarding transponders!

RACE MEETING 30 March 2019


This meeting is organised by the 500 MRCI, held under the GCR’s of MotorsportUK, incorporating the provisions of the International Code of the FIA, the supplementary regulations and any written instructions the organisers issue for the event. MotorsportUK Permit No: 110403 National B.

OFFICIALS: MSA Steward……………………………Nicky Moffitt. Club Stewards……………………..,Lindsay Burke, Paul Boyle Clerks of Course.………..…………Dermott Quigley, Chris Edwards Secretary of the Meeting …………..Wendy Young

IMPORTANT NOTICE…..TRANSPONDERS Timing at Kirkistown is done by transponder – a Tran-x 260 from – and without one fitted to your car you cannot be timed officially and therefore cannot race. This is particularly important for 2019 as new timing equipment will be in use henceforth and this does NOT support any type of transponder other than the red Tran-X 260. The yellow kart version, which some people have been using in the past will no longer work with the new system. We should also point out the fact that the circuit does NOT have transponders available for hire or loan

SCRUTINY: Will take place at the Circuit on Friday March 29 from 5.30pm and on Saturday March 30 from 8.00am.. All race wear to comply with Section K9 of the current Motorsport UK Yearbook

SIGNING ON: Signing on will take place in the office downstairs in the Control Tower after your car has been through scrutiny. Please bring your scrutiny sheet with you. Avoid delays by ensuring your entry forms are always complete.

RACE NUMBERS Competitors are reminded that any driver appearing for practice/qualifying with a car bearing a race number different from that appearing in the official programme will not be timed and, if permitted to start the race by the Clerk of the Course, will do so from the back of the starting grid.

PADDOCK: Please park compactly in the paddock as directed by map or personnel. Please heed the paddock markings, and do not block thoroughfares. Ensure all trailers and non-tow vehicles are parked neatly. Ensure also that NO associated vehicles may be brought into the paddock area. Any competitor or entrant found in breach of this regulation shall be deemed to have excluded himself from the meeting, and will not be permitted to take further part in it.

QUALIFYING: Competitors will leave the assembly area for their qualifying session as directed by the Paddock Marshals. Qualifying will start with the green flag, and finish with the chequered flag, whereupon cars should slow as soon as it is safe to do so, and return at reduced speed to the paddock via the Pit Lane. Any competitor stopping during a qualifying session should remain in a safe place close to his car; any car which fails to return to the paddock after qualifying or race, may not be retrieved without permission of the Clerk of the Course. Cars will not be returned to the paddock by rescue vehicles unless schedule permits.

PRACTICE TIMES: Practice times will be posted 30 minutes after each session at the control tower. Individual copies of qualifying times and result sheets will be available outside race control. Please do NOT seek them in the office. Copies of the spreadsheets will no longer be available on the day, but may be obtained by applying in writing to the club subsequent to the event.

TIMED RACES: At this meeting, most aces will be run to time, rather than a specific number of laps, and, in the event of a serious accident a Safety Car will be deployed from the Pit Lane in accordance with Q4.9. When the order is given to deploy the Safety Car, a stationary yellow flag and ‘SC’ board will be displayed at the start/finish line, and at each flag post . A second yellow flag may be used at those points where additional hazards are present. All competing cars, when notified of the Safety Car intervention (by flag signals, SC boards or any other means) will reduce speed and line up behind the Safety Car, no more than five car lengths apart, and maintaining the same speed as it. Overtaking or overlapping of any other competing car during a Safety Car intervention is forbidden. Overtaking of a Safety Car is forbidden unless the particular competitor concerned is signaled to overtake the Safety Car by the observer in the Safety Car. When ordered to do so by the Clerk of the Course, the observer in the Safety Car will wave past any cars between the Safety Car and the race leader. These cars will continue at reduced speed and without overtaking until they reach the line of cars behind the Safety Car. The Safety Car will remain in operation until at least all competing cars on the circuit are lined up behind it. When the Clerk of the Course calls in the Safety Car it will extinguish the yellow flashing lights prior to exiting the circuit. Following the withdrawal of the Safety Car and prior to passing the green flag, the race leader will maintain the pace. When the Safety Car pulls off the circuit, a green flag will be waved at the start line and/or the green light will be shown. Overtaking remains strictly forbidden until the car passes the green flag at the start line. All flag posts will withdraw their yellow flag and ‘SC’ board in race direction rotation and replace them with a green flag for one lap. Each lap covered while the Safety Car is in service will be counted as a race lap. Should it be necessary to stop a race during a Safety Car deployment when the race is to be restarted, the Safety Car with all competing vehicles following will pass through the red flag at the start/finish line, complete one further lap at reduced speed and then stop on the grid. Should it be necessary to stop a race during a Safety Car period when the race is to be declared as a result, the Safety Car with all competing vehicles following will pass through the red flag at the start/finish line, complete one further lap at reduced speed, and then enter the Pit Lane where the competing cars will be directed to Parc Ferme.

START: Cars should proceed to the assembly area at least 20 minutes prior to the start of their race.

Not less than 5 minutes before the start, the assembly area will close. Any competing vehicle not present shall not be permitted to join the grid, but may join the race from the pit lane after the last car on the grid has passed the start line.

On a signal from the Clerk of the Course, they will proceed to the grid. When in position, 2 minute, 1 minute and 30 seconds boards will be displayed. Engines must be started at the 1 minute board, and the grid cleared. Following the 30 second board, the green flag will be displayed and the cars will proceed on a formation lap in grid order. When they have returned to the grid, and it is complete, 5 second board will be displayed prior to the red light being switched on. Between 4 and 10 seconds later, the red lights will be switched off to signal the start. In the event of a light/power failure, the start will be by flag using the National Flag.

STOPPING THE PRACTICE SESSION: Should it be necessary to stop a practice session, a Red Flag will be displayed at the start line and at all flag posts. Drivers must stop racing immediately and return slowly to the start line, exercising extreme caution, and being prepared to stop if necessary. Parc Ferme conditions will apply. The organisers reserve the right not to restart any session should a stop be necessary.

Should any competitor be shown the Black Flag, or the Mechanical Failure Flag, that competitor must slow down in a safe manner, and enter the pit-lane adjacent to the assembly area from the right hand side of the track as he/she exits the hairpin on the next lap. Any car stopping trackside at race control mid-race shall be retired to the paddock.

AWARDS: Awards will be presented on the day, after each race, or failing that, on the completion of the programme. There will be trophies for 1st if > 3 starters, for 2nd if > 5 starters, and for 3rd if > 7 starters.

TIMES: All times stated are approximate, and the organisers reserve the right to change the programme if necessary.


1) Where licence record cards are to be left in the race office for signature, it is the competitors responsibility to reclaim them.
They will be forwarded only at the competitors own risk.
Please do not come to the office to collect your licence until your event has been called to do so.

2) Your relevant club membership card MUST be produced when signing on.

3) For scrutiny, please join the queue for your race; this will ensure a swift passage through scrutiny. Qualifying sessions will not be delayed for tardy competitors for any reason.

4) Any protests regarding results or times must be lodged as per MSA year book.

5) Ties will be resolved as per Motorsport UK year book.

6) Competitors are reminded that noise emissions will be monitored.

7) Attendance at the drivers briefing is mandatory. Penalty for non-attendance is an MSA stewards fine of £100. It is non-discretionary.

8) The club reserves the right to impound any car for inspection to ascertain compliance with the regulations for up to 4 days post event.

9) Fuel is not available at the circuit.

10) Unless where stated otherwise in the Championship Regulations, all series shall score points as per MotorsportUK year book.

11) Drivers competing at this circuit for the first time MUST report to the Clerk of Course prior to their qualifying session.

12) Please note that the use of motor cycles, scooters, quads etc in the paddock is not permitted. This also includes childrens’ scooters and mini- bikes. Children should be supervised at all times.

13) Competitors are reminded that it is dangerous to barbecue in the Paddock in close proximity to a fuel supply. You are urged to have a fire extinguisher in place at all times when refueling…..And when cooking !

Good luck, have a good day’s sport, and leave your circuit clean and tidy. The 500 MRCI reserves the right to alter, amend, or change these Regulations with regard to Classes, Awards, Laps, Entry Fees, Times and Named Officials. All official announcements pertaining to the event shall be posted on the notice board at the control tower, and announced via the PA system.

The 500 MRCI also reserves the right of refusal of entry to any driver who by his actions on any circuit brings, in the opinion of the club, the sport into disrepute. In addition, any competitor or team member (being any person recognised as being an associate of that competitor) whose behaviour at any circuit is deemed to be unreasonable may face sanctions as laid down by the club and Motorsport UK.

We regret that, in the interest of safety, dogs cannot be allowed on the premises.

PIT EXIT LANE When leaving the pit lane to join the circuit, competitors MUST stay to the right of the red/white pit exit lane as far as the joining point on the entrance to Debtors Dip. On a ‘flying’ lap, competitors MUST stay to the left of the line. Any driver crossing it (i.e. putting two or more wheels onto the pit lane) will be penalised.

PADDOCK BIKES On the instructions of the MotorsportUK Steward, the use of motor cycles, scooters, powered skateboards etc in the paddock is prohibited.

IMPORTANT Competitors are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct and general behaviour of their support crews and family while the race meeting is in progress. Any competitor whose team/supporters are deemed to be behaving in an unruly manner may be excluded from the results.

EVENING MEALS (FRIDAY) The Pit Lane restaurant will be open for evening meals from 6.00pm until 9.00pm on Friday evening. As space is limited, booking is essential. This can be done with the kitchen staff during Friday morning/afternoon. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED !!!

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