It’s In The Genes!

If you look at the photograph above you will see, apart from Zola, who was a black Labrador, the late George Weir and his two daughters, Lauren and Fay.

George was he inaugural winner of the All Ireland Karting Championship, held at Limerick, in 1978.

George’s brother, Frank, produced Chariot karts in the seventies/eighties and was the driving force behind Kirkistown karting right up to 2020.  He now seeks out and restores classic karts.

Today, Fay is a member of the 500 MRCI Council and also carries out the duties of short circuit kart race secretary. She has been involved with Kirkistown karting since she was a teenager, both as a signing-on administrator and as a lap scorer/timekeeper.

Lauren, now Lauren McShane, is a partner in Worthington Solicitors. Mrs Worthington, a founding partner of the law firm, is the niece of the late Paddy Hopkirk.

Worthington Solicitors sponsored the March 11, 2023, 500 MRCI karting event held at Kirkistown.

Isn’t it amazing that physicians have never identified the motorsport gene, that undoubtably exists?


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