Dr Paul Conn.

It is with regret that we at The 500 Motor Racing Club Of Ireland have to confirm that the competitor who tragically lost his life in the second Roadsports race at our meeting yesterday (Saturday 27th July 2019) was our member and friend for over twenty years, Doctor Paul Conn.

Paul was from Lisburn. He joined our club in 1996 and during the intervening years he campaigned his Crosslé 47S with increasing success. In 2018 he seemed to reach a new level of skill and he began to trouble the established top echelon of drivers in Roadsports, winning in the second race of the May meeting.

Yesterday he had already won the first Roadsports race, against top opposition, and he was on course for a repeat in the second race when he had an accident opposite the control tower, on the front straight. Because of the location of the incident, our doctors and the Order Of Malta personnel were in attendance almost immediately but, unfortunately, Paul succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Once again, we offer our severe condolences to Paul’s family, friends, colleagues and team. He will be sorely missed.

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