Superkart General Regulations For 2021

Superkarts at Kirkistown

Four race meetings.

500 Motor Racing Club of Ireland Ltd (Karting)

  1. The 500 MRCI Ltd (Karting) will organize Interclub permit long circuit kart races at Kirkistown Racing Circuit on Saturday 29th May 2021, Saturday 26th June 2021, Saturday 28th August and Saturday 25th September 2021 as support events to car race meetings. All the meetings are rounds of the North of Ireland Karting Association Gearbox Championships.
  2. The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations, the Regulations of the current NIKA Championship, and any written instructions that the organising club may issue for the event.
  3. Motorsport UK permit numbers have been issued; xxxx xxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxx.
  4. The events are open to all fully elected competition members of any kart club affiliated to NIKA. These clubs are: Bishopscourt Kart Club, Coleraine and District Motor Club, Ulster Karting Club and 500 MRCI Karting
  5. All competitors and drivers must produce a valid Competition Licence (Motorsport UK license must be endorsed Valid Long Circuit Karting or Motorsport Ireland equivalent), and a valid Club Membership Card.
  6. The programme of the meetings will be: Signing-on: 8.00 am to 9.45 am, Scrutineering: 8.05 am to 9.00 am. ( The organisers have the right to amend these to comply with relevant Covid regulations at the time of the race)
  7. At each meeting there will be 3 combined races. Races will be over 10 mis + 1 lap. All vehicles must comply with the current Motorsport UK Technical Regulations, the current Karting UK Yearbook and the current NIKA Gearbox Championship Regulations. All karts will compete together in each race.
  8. The meetings will consist of the following Classes: Superkart 125 and Superkart 250 as defined in the 2021 NIKA Gearbox Championship Regulations.
  9. Starting positions for the first race will be determined by qualifying. The fastest karts will start at the front of the grid in the first race and in the second race the starting positions will be determined by the fastest lap times set in the first race, fastest karts will be to the front of the grid. The starting positions in the third race will be determined by the fastest lap times set in race 2; the fastest karts will be to the front of the grid.
  10. Each competitor will have the opportunity to take part in one timed qualifying session of approximately 10 minutes duration.
  11. Competitors will be identified by NIKA numbers which will not be provided by the organisers. Number plates must be fitted to front, rear and RIGHT side of the kart.
  12. Vehicles in pit areas are under the instructions of Chief Marshal and chief Paddock Marshal. In the interest of safety the use of any form of mechanical paddock transport is not sanctioned.
  13. Facts to be judged by judges of fact and driving standards are defined in the General Regulations of Motorsport UK
  14. Awards will be presented at the end of the meetings on the ratio of 1 award for every 4 entries to a maximum of third place in a class. The finishing order in all races will determine the results for prize distribution at the conclusion of each meeting.
  15. The maximum entry for a meeting including reserves is 60. The minimum is 12. The maximum for each class is 30. The minimum for each class is 6. Should maxiumu be reached, entries will be taken in order of submission and recipet.Should any of the above minimum figures not be reached the organisers have the right to either cancel the class/meeting.
  16. The entry opens at the beginning of February and closes 7 days before each meeting. Entries will be selected by receipt of entry via by competition secretary Fay Weir.
  17. The entry fee is £120. Transponder hire is available from Bishopscourt kart club committee member. If a competitor encounters mechanical problems approximately two thirds of the entry fee may be refunded before the first heat. Should the event be cancelled for any reason the organisers reserve the right to retain £ 40 of the entry fee to cover expenses.
  18. Entries made after closing will not be accepted. No entries will be accepted on the day of racing
  19. Other Officials are: Motorsport UK Steward: TBA (xxxx), TBA (xxxx), TBA (xxxx), TBA (xxxx), Club Stewards: As car event, Clerk of Course: Paul Fullerton, Chief Scrutineer: TBA, Medical Officer: As car event.
  20. Provisional results will be published as soon as possible after each race or following the end of the event
  21. Any Protest must be lodged in accordance with [C5.1.2].
  22. Marking and penalties will be as printed in the appropriate section of the Motorsport UK General Regulations except where amended in the NIKA Gearbox Championship Regulations.
  23. All other General Regulations of Motorsport UK apply as written.
  24. Infringement of Technical Regulations will be as per Section [C] of the Motorsport UK Regulations with the following exceptions. Serious technical infringement (i.e. illegal engine or equipment) will result in exclusion from the results of the meeting and the application of Championship penalties in [C3.5.1]. Other technical infringements (i.e. underweight, loss of bodywork in a race incident, etc) will result in exclusion from heat, final or race and will not carry the further penalties in [C3.5.1].
  25. Accidents resulting in the stopping of the race will require the involved competitors to have the permission of the Clerk of the Course before continuing.
  26. All published 2021 NIKA Gearbox Championship rules and BSA warm-up regulations apply.
  27. Normally, competitors omitting chicanes, continuously cutting corners (driving over white lines), and jumping the start will be penalized 10 seconds.
  28. Fuel must comply with Motorsport UK regulations.
  29. The organisers have the right to change the make/type of tyres from those specified if a case of force majeure on availability occurs.
  30. Competitors are reminded of the guidelines provided by Motorsport UK concerning COVID-19 which are published at

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