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Martin Donnelly TRophy Results OCT 01 2016

Published: 01/10/16

for immediate release Martin Donnelly Trophy Meeting supported by Ards & North Down Borough Council Kirkistown circuit Saturday October 1 2016 The recently crowned National Formula Ford Champion Niall Murray won the Martin Donnelly Trophy at Kirkistown supported by Ards & North Down Borough Council. It was a masterful display by the young Dubliner at the wheel of a Van Diemen; he won the second heat with former winner of the trophy Kevin O’Hara taking the honours in the first heat. However several of the leading names in this class of racing fell by the way, Noel Robinson seeking his third win in the prestigious race was sidelined in the first heat and in the final itself, O’Hara was out at the three quarter distance and James Row just managed a lap, retiring as a result of an incident at Colonial One. Out too in the final went the reigning Northern Ireland Formula Ford Champion Alan Davidson, a suspension breakage on his Mondiale. Sixteen year old Jordan Dempsey who had just got the seat in the Motorsport Ireland Van Diemen finished second in the final with local driver Ryan Campbell taking the final place on the podium. The support races saw Jim Larkham a double winner in Roadsports/Saloons with his Radical while the thoroughly entertaining one make Ford Fiesta races produced yet another double winner in Thomas Agnew. The closest finish of the day came in the Formula Vee final with Colm Blackburn taking the flag just 0.006 seconds ahead of Justin Costello, while in the earlier Formula Vee race it was Ladies Day as Paula Moore kept the boys at bay to win at the wheel of a Leastone. Results Martin Donnelly FF1600 heat 1 1 Kevin O’Hara (Van Diemen RF01) 13 laps in 13m 27.67s (87.61mph); 2 Alan Davidson (Mondiale M89S) + 0.08s; 3 Ryan Campbell (Reynard FF89); 4 David Nicholl (Reynard FF89); 5 Sean Conway (Crossle 70F); 6 James Graham (Swift SC95). FL: Davidson 1m 01.10s (89.08mph). P: O’Hara. Heat 2 1 Niall Murray (Van Diemen RF01) 13 laps in 13m 29.43s (87.42mph); 2 Jordan Dempsey (Van Diemen LA10) +0.46s; 3 James Roe (Van Diemen RF01); 4 Andrew Noble (Van Diemen JLo12K); 5 Jamesy Hagan (Reynard FF88); 6 Andrew Blair (Reynard FF84). FL: Murray 1m 01.05s (89.16mph). P: Murray. Final. 1 Murray 20 laps in 22m 01.17s (82.40mph); 2 Dempsey + 7.96s; 3 Ryan Campbell; 4 Noble; 5 Hagan; 6 Blair. FL: Murray 1m 01.31s (88.78mph). P: Murray. Ford Fiesta race 1 1 Thomas Agnew 13 laps in 16m 58.47s (69.48mph); 2 Jonny Forsythe + 4.04s 3 Mark Stewart; 4 Stuart Agnew; 5 Craig Davidson; 6 Eorann O’Neill. FL: Thomas Agnew 1m 16.89s (70.79mph). P: Stuart Agnew. Race 2 1 Thomas Agnew 13 laps in 16m 56.51s (69.61mph); 2 Stephen Moore +4.33s; 3 Forsythe; 4 Mark Stewart; 5 Stuart Agnew; 6 Davidson. FL: Forsythe 1m 17.24s (70.47mph). P: Agnew Roadsports/Saloons race 1 Jim Larkham (Radical PR06) 16 laps in 16m 46.90s (86.49mph); 2 Andrew Armstrong (BMW M3) + 25.20s; 3 Stephen Traub (Honda Integra); 4 John Benson (Crossle 37S); 5 John McCandless (Crossle 47S); 6 Donal O’Neill (SEAT Cupra) CW: Armstrong, Larkham; Paul Thompson (Striker Honda) FL: Larkham 59.98s (90.76mph). P: Armstrong. Race 2 1 Larkham 16 laps in 16m 55.47s (85.76mph); 2 Armstrong + 15.91s; 3 Traub; 4 Benson; 5 Conn (Crossle 47S); 6 Thompson. CW: Armstrong; Larkham; Thompson. FL: Larkham 1m 01.07s (89.14mph) P: Armstrong. Formula Vee race 1 1 Paula Moore (Leastone JH004) 15 laps in 17m 07.75s (79.44mph); 2 Gavin Buckley (Sheane FV99) + 0.10s; 3 Anthony Cross (Sheane FV04); 4 Joe Power (Leastone JH004); 5 Shane McBride (Sheane FV99); 6 Conor Molloy (Leastone JH002). FL: Buckley 1m 07.29s (80.89mph). P: Moore Race 2 1 Colm Blackburn (Leastone JH002) 11 laps in 17m 05.85s (58.37mph); 2 Justin Costello (Leastone JH002) + 0.006s; 3 Dan Polley (Loh-Sheane FV98); 4 Kevin Grogan (Leastone JH002); 5 Buckley; 6 Cross. FL: Polley 1m 06.91s (81.35mph). P: Polley

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